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Bridal Chura in Delhi

Bridal Chura in Delhi- Bridal chura is one of the most prominent accessories of an Indian Dulhan in the wedding. A full hand of Chura is worn by the bride on her day of the wedding. As red is an auspicious color and is considered a sign of luck in marriages, these churas and bangles usually come in a combination of red and white color. Usually Chura comes in two colors only and sometimes red color is replaced by some other color.
If you have a wedding at your home and looking for a perfect beautiful chura then you are at the right place. Ashoka tracers will provide you the range of Bridal Chura over Delhi. Apart from these few churas we also provide custom churas.

The Bangles are grinded from inside and are not soft as hard bangles would give rashes to your arms. To make best Chura the Chura is Light in weight
For a better life of Product avoid Heat & Chemicals Like Perfume, Deo, etc. Clean With Dry Cotton Cloth. Store in an airtight container.

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