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Designer Punjabi Bridal Kalire Kaleerein Online

Bridal Kalire Online, Designer Punjabi kalire Online, Kaleerein Online

Designer Punjabi Bridal Kalire Kaleerein Online is a silver or gold embellished, an umbrella-shaped ornament that is attached to the bride’s Chooda or bangle, which is a set of traditional white and red colored bangles on each arm.

A Punjabi bride’s wedding is incomplete without Bridal Kalire. It is an important accessory for a bride, and there is a separate ceremony that is allocated to the ornamentation of this particular accessory, which showcases the bride’s marital mirth and bliss felt by the people around her.

Designer Punjabi kalire is not just an accessory but is an important part of a ceremony that takes place at every wedding. The kaleerein ritual takes place on the morning of the wedding day, and right after the Haldi ceremony. Long umbrella-shaped ornaments are tied to the bride’s wrists by married women in the family, which includes her mother, sisters, sisters-in-law, friends and even aunts.

These days Designer Punjabi Bridal Kalire comes in all kinds of exclusive designs and can be ordered online. Punjabi brides love to match the style and colors of the Bridal Kalire according to their wedding dresses and jewelry. Different colored stones, flowers, or beads are added to the designer Punjabi kalire which go in sync with the bride’s lehenga or the shades present in her overall wedding attire.

Some go for the simple looking Kaleerein, which are silver or gold leaves attached to strings made out of beads, while some like to go for the more ornate looking Bridal Kalire, which are large and umbrella-shaped and have lots of diamonds, and pearls embedded in the design.

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